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Ramadan is here!   Ramadan Mubarak wa Kareem! Blessed & Happy Ramadan! May the month bring you spiritual renewal, growth, and peace. On this, the first day of Ramadan (it starts tonight), I find myself thinking—quite naturally, I think—about food and hunger. Non-Muslims who know about Ramadan, one of the “five pillars” of Islam (the “five pillars” are, I … Continue reading

Some Resources for Dealing with Anxiety and Trauma

Hi all, I am not alone in feeling PTSD or anxiety related to the Boston bombing, I know. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of the people who have passed away and who are injured, and everyone around the world experiencing senseless violence and trauma or who has this in … Continue reading

Femen, Feminism, And Islamophobia

Did you miss it? Femen’s International Topless Jihad Day to rally around a Tunisian woman, Amina, who posted a topless picture on the internet, words painted on her chest declaring she was not anyone else’s honor and her body was her own. Her actions caused all sorts of reaction and response: is this really a feminist act? is … Continue reading

Sandy NYC

Thank you, everyone, for your good wishes & keeping NYC and others in Sandy’s path in your thoughts and prayers. NYC was hit hard, and we mourn the loss of life. We will recover from the physical damage, no matter time it takes, though I cannot even imagine what it must be like for those who … Continue reading

#ProudSavage in a #HateFreeNYC

(Note: Since I wrote this, there have been developments as the “Savage” ads have appeared in Washington, DC and also in San Francisco.) All this furor about 10 ads? And who is Pamela Geller anyway!?? When I heard about @monaeltahawy’s arrest for defacing a racist / hateful ad, my first thoughts were, “Commercial speech trumps political … Continue reading

The Second Monday in October: Columbus Day? or Native American Remembrance Day?

Today is Columbus Day, Indigenous People’s Day, Native American Day, or Native American Remembrance Day depending on whom you ask. South Dakota is the only state that celebrates Native American Day on Columbus Day, as “a time to recognize the resiliency and the contributions of native peoples.” It is also a time to remember all … Continue reading

9/11 Came and went this year…

I know. I’m a week late. But not really. I simply gave myself time to reflect on what another 9/11 anniversary meant to me. I was in NYC that day. I will always remember it. I lost friends in the towers. I have friends who made it out with their lives. I saw the second … Continue reading

Fear and Loathing: the GOP and Muslims in America

A moderate Muslim returns the favor, calling on moderate Republicans to take back the Grand Old Party from extremist hijackers. Will moderate GOP members speak up and take the party back? Campaign 2012 is heating up, even though we are still only in Primary Season, with no Republican (“GOP”) candidate emerging as a leader. Potential candidates … Continue reading

“Million Hoodie March” in support of Trayvon Martin

6 pm last night, Union Square, NYC held a “Million Hoodie March” in support of Trayvon Martin, calling for accountability in police action and thorough and diligent prosecution of his alleged killer.

The particulars of this case are tragic. But they also evoke larger issues for many around race, fairness in the criminal justice system, privilege, and accountability.

Muslims feeling targeted by the NYPD just for their religion, OWS activists angry at police brutality, Blacks and others who feel the police does not serve them but rather polices them, all have felt some resonance with this case. And they are not alone as other allies also have spoken up.

All share a commitment that hate and discrimination, whether on sexuality, race, religion, or other status, need to stop.

All see in this Black youth not someone to fear, but someone who could be their son, their friend, their family.

This solidarity across communities has been powerful to witness.

And though it should not need to be said (apparently it does): calling for a more just and accountable police and criminal justice system does not mean hating the people in the system as it is, or wanting a less secure nation or city. On the contrary, those who call for a better NYPD & other police forces firmly believe that in improved relationships of trust and respect, all communities will be safer. The important point being *all* of them.

On Saturday, DC will have a rally. If you can make it, I suggest you go.

Trayvon is everyone’s son. Every life matters.

Additional reading and coverage:

Morocco: Feb20, A Year Later

  Has it really been a year? It has. It really has. A year ago, the Feb20 Movement launched Morocco‘s participation in the broader regional “Arab Spring,” a phenomenon for which the explanations vary, that can be summed up as the people’s express desire for—and in some cases the realization of—a transformation in the region … Continue reading


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